Hospital network


The I-MOVE hospital studies started in the 2011–12 influenza season as the InNHOVE (Influenza Network of Hospitals for Vaccine Effectiveness) project, which ran for three seasons to 2013–14. In the next stage the I-MOVE+ platform increased the number of participating hospitals and targeted older adults (aged 65 years and over), as they are one of the main target groups for influenza vaccine in Europe. Study sites in various countries conduct studies every influenza season, using the test-negative case control study design. Each season we pool the individual studies in the multicentre study and measure pooled influenza vaccine effectiveness (VE) by influenza (sub)type.

We also measure VE by age group, by previous vaccination, by time since vaccination and by statin use.

For more information please see the generic protocol and the laboratory protocol, as well as our scientific publications. The links below form part of the restricted site that only members of the study site teams can access via a dedicated login and password. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the 2019–20 season, study sites in the following countries are taking part in the I-MOVE hospital multicentre study: Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK.

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