I-MOVE-COVID-19 project

I-MOVE-COVID-19 project

For a list of all project partners please click here. You can find information about the I-MOVE-COVID-19 work packages and work package leaders below. To access the restricted area for I-MOVE-COVID-19 partners, please click here. If you have a query about the I-MOVE-COVID-19 project, please contact us.

I-MOVE-COVID-19 Executive board and Scientific Steering Committee

The I-MOVE-COVID-19 executive board consists of the work package leaders (Epiconcept, NIVEL and HPS) as well as ISCIII that coordinates lab activities. The executive board supports the coordination team for real-time decision making and advice

The Scientific Steering Committee consists of all 20 beneficiaries plus ECDC and WHO/EURO.

I-MOVE-COVID-19 work packages

I-MOVE-COVID-19 has four work packages. Click on the images below to access more information.

  • WP1: Coordination. This is led by Epiconcept, France.
  • WP2: Primary care network. This is led by NIVEL, the Netherlands.
  • WP3: Hospital network. This is led by Health Protection Scotland.
  • WP4: Pooled epidemiological, clinical, virological studies. This is led by Epiconcept, France.