I-MOVE-COVID-19 public WP1: Coordination

WP1: I-MOVE-COVID-19 Coordination

Please see below the objectives of WP1. We will add the publicly available documents for the “Coordination” work package of the I-MOVE-COVID-19 project as they become available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

WP1 Objectives

  1. To implement a project managerial structure that ensures efficient management of the project at financial, administrative and scientific levels
  2. To guarantee that the project is appropriately adapted to the COVID-19 situation and implemented accordingly
  3. To define resources, and tools for ensuring that all expected results are delivered on time, with an adequate level of quality and within budget
  4. To ensure effective communication and coordination of activities between work packages to help drive the whole Consortium as a team towards successful completion
  5. To ensure optimal communication and dissemination of results and knowledge generated by the project to relevant national, European and international stakeholders and other complementary H2020 initiatives
  6. To predict, mitigate and overcome research-related risks
  7. To provide scientific advice and ensure that studies are conducted using robust scientific methods
  8. To facilitate the exchange of experiences and create links with existing initiatives working on public health preparedness, surveillance and response to COVID-19 both in Europe and internationally

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